Youtube shorts Monetization Rules In Pakistan 2024 | Youtube Shorts Bouns In Pakistan 2024

YouTube Shorts Monetization Rules In Pakistan 2024 | Youtube Shorts Bouns In Pakistan 2024

YouTube shorts have been launched all over the world, all the logs can upload videos on YouTube shorts or can also watch the videos of shorts, Just last month, YouTube gave the option of monetization per YouTube shorts, through which you can make money from the released YouTube shorts,

1. What is the rule,

2. What are the rules for monetization of YouTube shorts in Pakistan,

Youtube Shorts Rules 2024

Some rules have to be followed, following which you can monetize YouTube Shorts, let’s talk about YouTube Shorts Monetization Policy,

1. Youtube Shorts Team

  1. You can upload any video on YouTube Shots, its length should be less than 1 minute and its size should be 16:9,
  2. You will get money according to the views on your shorts, that is, during the coming 2021 and 2022, YouTube shorts will pay only to the eligible video creators.
  3. You upload your video per YouTube shorts, you cannot earn money by uploading a copy video of any creator,
  4. The YouTube Shorts team will check your YouTube channel, they will see whether you follow the YouTube Shorts monetization rule properly or not.
  5. Money from YouTube shots will be added to your AdSense account,

2. YouTube Shorts Eligible Creators

  • YouTube uploads short videos per million logs, but to what percentage of people YouTube will give money, let me tell you that.
  • 1. Upload your own video,
  • 2. Follow the rules of monetization,
  • 3. Every month YouTube will give $ 110,000 to shorts creators,

3. How to get YouTube shorts bonus?

  • 1. YouTube per Shorts Per Views should be under the rules of YouTube Shorts Monetization,
  • 2. After the shorts go viral, you will get the reward of viral shorts i.e. bonus will be given,
  • 3. You will get an mail from the youtube shorts team,
  • 4. Use Mail Main Aapke Reward Diya Jagaya, The YouTube Shorts team will send you Dollars (more than $100) as a reward.
  • 5. $110,000 will be given to all YouTube shorts creators worldwide in 2022 or 2023,
  • 6. You have to receive the reward, by clicking on receive, the amount you get in Adsense will be transferred to your Adsense, and between the 21st to 26th, the money will be transferred to your bank account.
  • 7. All these rules apply to YouTube creators of Pure World,8. If every person wants to live in Pakistan then he can earn less money from YouTube,

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