Blogger Web Stories – How to Make Blogger Web Stories

How to Use Blogger to Make Google Web Stories and Drive Traffic, This post has all the information you need.

This post will cover all you need to know about creating and adding web stories to the Google Search Console on Blogger. Additionally, I will provide you with evidence that Google Web Stories also function on Blogger.

With the launch of Google Web Stories, website users may now create brief content and submit it to the platform to increase traffic and revenue. However, there are hosting requirements for using Google Web Stories. However, this article will explain how to create web stories on Blogger without hosting them and drive traffic from them.

Blogger Web Stories

Blogger Web Stories are an easy way to drive traffic to your website and make money. You can create web stories without hosting on Blogger, and this is the easiest way to do it.

Blogger Web Stories Domain Setup

As the account needs to add Cname to the domain’s DNA, which can only happen if you have a custom domain, you must first have one to make web stories on Blogger. as it had been

First, search for on Google. Once there, open Makesstories and sign up using the same Gmail address. After logging in, you will see the desktop version of Makesstories. Click on Domina setup and provide a connection to your website. Next, add. Next, you must add DNA. As soon as you upload DNA,

How to Make Blogger Web Stories

The creation of web stories is similar in both Blogger and WordPress; the only distinction is that in Blogger, you must create an account to create stories, whereas in WordPress, there is no account creation required.

How to Add Blogger Web Stories to Google Search Console

The absence of Google Web Stories from Google Search Console will prevent Web Stories from appearing on Google’s Discover, hence preventing Google from publishing them. What is the process for adding Google Web Stories to Google Search Console?

To create stories, you must create a Search Console count on any Gmail account you have access to. If your two Gmail accounts are different, you are unable to add the domain for your web stories to Google Search Console.

Blogger Web Stories  Traffic Proof

To View Proof of Google Web Story Traffic on Blogger, Click This Video. It displays live traffic from Google Web Stories on Blogger and shows where that traffic is coming from.

Blogger Web Stories Earning

As of now, we know that Google Web Stories drives traffic to Blogger. In the video below, you can see live evidence of this. We will also find out how much money you can make by creating web stories on Blogger. Watch the Entire Video

There is traffic and revenue from blogger web stories, however, in my opinion, blogger does not receive as much traffic as WordPress because it is a Google subdomain and does not rank as highly in Google. As,

Web story traffic on Blogger is quite quick, but WordPress traffic is increasing.

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