Youtube Shorts monetization Rules 2024 [ YouTube policy ]

Now let’s talk about YouTube Shorts, a way to monetize your videos without having to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program. Let’s find out what a shorts fund is, who is eligible, and how the payout operates. I’ll walk you through everything.

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First, What Is Short Term?

In the short term, eligible creators will receive payments from a $100 million fund in 2022 and 2023. The Fund Offers a Monthly Small Bonus of Up to $110,000, with the Amount Varying Depending on Your Performance Metrics. Each month, get brief glimpses into the channel and the location of your audience.

Even Creators Who Are Not a Part of the YouTube Partner Program Can Receive a Miniature Bonus for Making Original Miniatures on YouTube. Based on the brief performance of their channel in the previous month, will reach thousands of creators each month. Your Short Exposure Will Include All of Your Short Videos.

Monthly Refreshes of Entitlements Occur Each Month, Not Just the Month of Posting. Therefore, keep creating new short content since even if you don’t qualify for one month, you can qualify for the next.

Before informing each channel of their brief bonus, we review them. Thus, bear the following requirements in mind: Channels that upload content with watermarks or logos are required to be eligible, and content that does not comply with our community guidelines, copyright, and monetization policies will not be accepted. Additionally, channels that have uploaded original shorts to YouTube within the last 180 days are not allowed. Any non-original content that we uploaded, including well-cut movie or TV show clips,

Will Not Be Included Either. To manage your own Google account, you must be in one of the eligible countries, wish to be older than the minimum age required, and, if necessary, obtain permission from your parent or legal guardian. Let’s now see what occurs if you qualify. You must first claim your shorts bonus. If You Qualify for a Minor Bonus,

Around the eighth or tenth of the month, YouTube will send you an email and a notification asking you to claim your bonus. This is very important. Remember that you will be required to claim your source bonus each month if you do not claim it by the twenty-fifth of the month. Your bonus will also expire.

You must link an active AdSense account to your channel and complete the two steps, except the conditions, to be eligible to claim the bonus. If your YouTube channel is already connected to a degree AdSense account. You are prepared and able to formally claim your bonus once you have agreed to the terms. Should You Be Without a Remaining AdSense Account,

It will ask you to either create a new account or link an existing one. You Could Follow This Path with an Email or YouTube Notification. We’ll send you an email confirming whether your bonus has been claimed after your AdSense account has been linked to your channel, which could take a few days. How Are You Paid After You Claim Your Small Bonus? You anticipate receiving your payment between the 21st and 25th of the next month if AdSense has paid you before the deadline. For instance, in August, if you claim the shorts bonus,

September is when you should have received your bonus payment. You must fill up your payment details if you have never received money from AdSense before. Please take note that while this process may take several months, the balance will stay in your AdSense account until the payment is released as long as you have claimed the bonus.

You will receive payment between the twenty-first and twenty-sixth of the month once your AdSense account is fully prepared to receive it. Let’s recap the short bonus payment timeline with an example. If you are a member of an MC or network, your MC or network will send you your small bonus payments. Upon receiving a notification in early September to claim your bonus by September 25th, if your August shorts performance qualifies you for a bonus.

Once you’ve finished the bonus claim steps, watch for your AdSense payment. If you are eligible for payment, you should anticipate receiving it between the 21st and, therefore, the 26th of the month following the bonus claim. You claim the bonus in this instance in September. In October, you will receive payment. You will be paid even if you have to set any payment details in AdSense. after completing these steps. Keep in mind that this procedure will be repeated each month. Stay tuned for further updates as we add more countries and features. YouTube Short Span is the first step in our journey to help creators make money from their shorts. See the link in the description for further details on the topics we covered.

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