Meghan Markle, along with her husband Prince Harry and their two children, is enjoying her life in Los Angeles (LA).

The Duchess of Sussex is often seen in public, sometimes casually dressed, despite her royal background.

On a recent outing in California, Meghan was spotted indulging in some delicious fast food from her favorite burger chain.

Meghan displayed her independent spirit by driving her high-end Range Rover SUV, which is valued at more than $100,000.

She was seen wearing a casual black t-shirt and glasses while smiling and ordering food from the drive-thru window.

Meghan's visit to the fast-food outlet was not her first, as she has previously expressed her love for In-N-Out Burger.

Prince Harry has also spoken about their shared love for In-N-Out Burger in the past, mentioning their specific orders.

While Meghan enjoyed a meal with friends, Prince Harry was away in Germany, attending the Invictus Games he founded in 2014.

Meghan and Prince Harry's life in LA is quite different from their royal duties, as they continue to embrace a more relaxed and casual lifestyle.

Despite stepping back from their royal roles in 2020, Meghan and Prince Harry remain active and engaged in various charitable and personal endeavours, all while enjoying the occasional fast-food treat.