The Euro 2024 group stage is seeing a rapid Flurry of action,

as the focus now turns to the upcoming knockout matches.

Only 16 teams will advance, and the race for the coveted third spot is tight.

While the top two finishers from each group qualify automatically,

only four slots are left for the best third-placed teams.

A careful ranking system determines who advances, with points taking priority.

Goal difference, goals scored, wins, disciplinary record, and even their European qualifier ranking come into play to separate teams with the same number of points.

The Netherlands and Slovenia have locked up two of the coveted best third-placed slots.

Hungary face an uphill battle.

Despite finishing third in Group A with three points, their negative goal difference could prove to be detrimental.

Unfortunately, Croatia's Euro 2024 journey came to an abrupt end.

With England failing to win their final group match, Croatia's fate was sealed and they were knocked out of the competition.

The excitement mounts as the remaining groups are drawn out. The suspense remains - which teams will complete the lineup for the thrilling knockout stage?

Stay tuned to see who emerges victorious in this battle for glory!