Upstox Invite Pending 2024 | Upstox Referral Pending | Upstox Referral Pending Problem

Upstox Invite Pending | Upstox Referral Pending | Upstox Referral Pending Problem | Upstox Pro

Why am I not receiving the invite reward if we share our link with any person on Upstox in 2024 and that user clicks on it to establish an account? We did not receive any reward [Upstox Invite Pending].

Every time you email us the Upstox link, the user clicks it and enters all the data listed below.

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Open Demat account Online Upstox

  • Step 1: Go to the Upstox Account Opening Page, You can use the button given below to go to the Upstox website.,
  • Step 2: Enter email and mobile number to verify mobile number get OTP on your mobile,
  • Step 3: In the next screen, enter your PAN card and Date of Birth
  • RKSV nest download,
  • Step 4: Enter personal details such as your Gender, Marital Status, Annual income, and Trading Experience, Choose Politically exposed and your Occupation
  • Step 5: If you are NRI then you can do yes in Choose is your country of Tax Residency, after entering all click on Next,
  • Step 6: Now choose any one or both of Equity, FO, Currency, and Commodity and choose your Basic or Priority plan,
  • step:7 provide your primary bank details like account variety and IFSC code etc
  • Step 8: Income Proof, and Signature Copy Upload the scanned copy of the documents, for the signature you should use only jpeg or png format,
  • Step 9: After doing all that verification Upstox official will open your account in 24-48hrs

To establish an account, you must finish all of the preceding procedures.

You will get a signal indicating that your buddy has successfully created an account once they install and download the app using your link and finish the complete registration procedure.

Upstox Invite Pending

Successful: Your friend registered for an Upstox account, but you haven’t gotten his reward yet.

What is this problem’s solution?

Two methods exist,

  1. insufficient account setup
  2. Not in vogue

Step 1: Mostly, your friend’s account isn’t full, which prevents you from receiving the invite incentive and earning money on Upstox.

Thus, you instruct your friend to finish creating your Upstox account.

You only need to view this video once because it contains all the information you need.

Step 2: In 2021, Upstox changed a lot with its invite and earn offer. where power is greater than mine,

1000 rs for each invitation

  1. Each invitation costs Rs 400.
  2. Per invitation, Rs. 800
  3. Rs 800 + 400 for each invitation

At present, there is an offer of Rs 800 + Rs 400, wherein each user you invite must purchase one sock, IPO, or trending item, provided that your friend also purchases one of these items. will earn you 400 rs in prize mileage. If someone uses your link to register an account on Matlab, you will receive the first 800 rs in reward mileage. If someone uses your invite to do socks, IPOs, or trends, you will receive 400 rs in reward mileage.

You won’t receive anything till your friend doesn’t do any socks, Instagram posts, or trending.

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