8 Type to Make Money Without investment in 2024

8 Type to Make Money Without Investment in 2024

You’ve found the correct article if you searched for “how to make money online without investment” on Google. It tells you how to make money online without investing in the eighth.

As of right now, you don’t need to invest any money to make ₹ 500 per day by using your tablet, PC, laptop, or phone for a little while.

You can also easily make money in these eight days as a student or housewife since they will provide you with comprehensive information.

Make Money

I’ve spent several hours searching Google and have discovered these 8 dates where you can make over ₹ 500 every day.

I’m not very good at performing thorough research, so I’m using this creative medium to teach you about these eight tactics. Since I utilize many of them and make money from them, you can too.


Upstox is an online trading app that allows you to make over ₹500 daily. There are two ways you can make money with this app:

  1. First, you invite a friend,
  2. Secondly, if you invest some of your money in this application for some time, your money will be doubled.

It is now possible to earn more than ₹500 in stock each invite every day; in Hartman, invites are worth ₹800, ₹1200, ₹500, and ₹400.

You and your friend won’t need to make any investments; if you invite a friend, ₹ 400 will automatically transfer into your bank account.

With Upstox, a lot of people may make over ₹10000 a day.

Ab stock application ko kaise use karna hai aaiae vah sikhate Hain

  • Click the stock program first, then select the Play Store to get it.
  • After downloading from the Play Store, enter your phone number to register.
  • You need your PAN card, Aadhar, and mobile number to establish an account.
  • Your account will be checked after you upload all the documents, and it will be activated in a day or two.
  • Once registered, you can utilize Upstox.
  • You can create a referral button and share your referral link with friends by selecting the menu button.
  • In addition to spreading the word about this essay to all of their friends, everyone should do the following actions:

Additionally, the Upstox application is available on the Play Store, allowing you to download it directly from your car. Upstox has been downloaded more than one crore times so far, and it is a very user-friendly tool.

You can download Upstax by clicking on this link,

Givvy Social app 

The social networking app Divvy is a photo-sharing platform that allows users to earn money in US dollars by posting any kind of photo.

Uploading someone else’s photo to make money is as simple as it gets, and this application has an extremely user-friendly UI.

With this program, you may easily earn more than ₹ 300 by uploading a photo.

Understand how to utilize the application,

  1. Initially, you must download and install the program from the Play Store by clicking on the link.
  2. You must sign in or log in with your Gmail ID or cellphone number after downloading.
  3. You can click the upload button and choose any photo to upload, just as when you started your account.
  4. You will receive more likes on your photo of your car in a matter of seconds after posting it; the more likes you receive, the more money you can make.
  5. You can move money from your wallet to your bank account after 0.50$. You can transfer using your Gmail ID mobile number.
  6. You can use this free program to make more money by uploading an increasing number of images following the ISI system.

Click the download link to install the application. This is the URL to download the application.

Make Website

It’s really easy to get money from Google; all you need to do is establish a website, which you can do using one of two platforms. You can then publish your website on Google and start making money from it.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress
  1. Blogger – You can do this for free if you create a website through Blogger. You can make a website there and get money out of it. My website is also on Blogger. Additionally, I make money from the website through Blogger.

Purchasing a domain is required to build a website with Blogger; GoDaddy or Hostinger are two places where you may do this.

With just one click, you can use Blogger to establish a website and begin making money from it. It’s really simple to use and construct a website.

  1. You can also use WordPress to establish a website but to do so, you’ll need hosting, which you can acquire from Godaddy. You’ll also need to pay for posting.

You will have more alternatives to make money if you construct a WordPress website, such as Google Webstories, Affiliate, Ecommerce, etc. You will also have additional tools on your WordPress desktop that you may use to make Rs. Moreover, you can make Rs. 1000 per day.


Facebook started monetizing videos in 2024, and you can also monetize your profile if you use it frequently. This means that you can make money from Facebook as well.

Additionally, you can make money from your Facebook profile. You can do this by adding videos to your page.

Facebook Reels: Facebook introduced the Reels feature in 2023–2024. With this function, any user may simply make money by posting videos on Facebook; in addition, submitting Facebook Reels will give you a bonus. I’ll give you some cash that you can deposit into your bank account.

Facebook Pages: By 2022, Facebook will begin to receive revenue from Facebook Pages. Any amount of Facebook pages can generate revenue for you. According to UN Films, in order to get money, you must post some films to your Facebook profile and display adverts. You can withdraw your earnings from your Facebook profile and deposit them into your bank account.

Facebook Marketplace: There are numerous choices on Facebook that you can utilize to make money, and Facebook Marketplace is one of the best places to do it.

Selling Meesho or GlowRoad products on Facebook Marketplace entitles you to a commission that is paid directly into your bank account when the product is sold.


Additionally, you can get more than 100 likes on Instagram each day. There are three methods you can make money on Instagram:

  1. Instagram Reels 
  2. Instagram Store 
  3. Sponsorship 

Instagram Reels: Similar to Facebook, Instagram allows you to post reels for a fee for each view. This earns you a bonus, which you can then deposit into your bank account.

Since Reel monetization began in 2024 and many Instagram users have begun matching their Reels Bonus, you can give it a shot as well.

Instagram Store: Within the Instagram Store, you can sell any goods and receive a commission. You can deposit this commission into your bank account.

Sponsorship: If you have more than a thousand Instagram followers, you may be eligible for sponsorship. This might be for a website, app, game, or any other kind of product.

By accepting sponsorship, you can use your Instagram account to promote any product, website, video, or game in exchange for financial compensation.

YouTube Channel 

You can make thousands of rupees from YouTube. There are three ways to get money from YouTube. You can use it to start a business. You can upload videos to YouTube by setting up a channel, and you can make money from those videos. How are you going to make it?

Establishing a YouTube channel is quite simple.

  1. First, use your Gmail account to log into the YouTube program.
  2. poor channel login per click,
  3. and type the name and description of your channel.
  4. Once you’ve finished all the formalities, press the Save button.
  5. The channel is prepared.
  6. You can now record and submit your video.
  7. YouTube requires 10,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of operation.
  8. If you meet these requirements, you can sign up for YouTube’s partner program.

Youtube Shorts

YouTube has begun to monetize YouTube shorts by 2024. Producing YouTube shorts is a relatively simple process, and YouTube has begun to generate more revenue from the platform.

  • To begin with, you must click on your channel.
  • Add a video with each click.
  • You’ll receive a function for your car; to utilize it, click the shortcut.
  • You can now use your front or rear camera.
  • You must record a 30-second video.
  • Simply click “Upload,” take a picture, and then publish it by adding a title, tags, and description.
  • In order to get money off of YouTube shorts, you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers and 10 million views, or 4,000 hours, on your account.

Apps Create

Making apps is a great method to generate money; you may work with any developer to create an application, which you can then publish on the Play Store or app store.

You can make an application, post it to the Play Store or App Store, utilize it as much as you can, get more money by downloading and using it,

CPA Marketing 

What exactly is CPA marketing, first of all? It’s likely that you’ve gotten a lot of emails or messages in your Gmail account with links to products and offers to click on them. To receive this discounted mileage, kindly utilize our pay-per-click buttons at your convenience.

In addition, everybody who receives the message or clicks on the link will receive payment for doing so if you accept the product or take advantage of the discount offer. CPA marketing, I said.

With CPA marketing, you may promote and offer apps, websites, links, and photos to anyone and make money. There are a lot of websites on Google, and you can do it from any platform, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, email, and Twitter. You can establish your offer link by making an account on the UN website, and you will find information that will assist you in creating a CPA marketing offer.


You may build a channel and make money by uploading videos on the video-sharing website Dailymotion. Dailymotion is a free platform where you may monetize both your website and your videos.

Google will lead you to Dailymotion’s official website.

Dailymotion Channel Create 

  • Do a Google search for “Dailymotion.”
  • Open the first link by clicking on it.
  • Utilize your Gmail login to log in.
  • We’ve banned your account.
  • Click the upload button now.
  • and begin posting your movie online,
  • Your earnings will begin on the first day of the program.
  • You can now produce and share an increasing number of videos to make an increasing amount of money.

Dailymotion Website monetize

Another feature of Dailymotion is that you can also monetize your website, and can also earn money from it,

  • Before using Dailymotion to monetize your website, you must sign up for our partner program.
  • You must select “use” when you see the embed option after joining the partner program.
  • Next, select the domain.
  • Similar to how you click on each domain,
  • include your domain
  • Following Karen’s addition, click Next.
  • There are now four options that you need to edit based on your web hosting and render code based on your theme: HTML file, Meta tag, txt record, and CName record.
  • You can then monetize your website to make more money from Dailymotion once your verification is complete, which should take about a day.

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