How Much Is A Book Of Stamps?

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The retail price for a book of 20 USPS Forever Stamps in 2022 is $12.00. While the standard quantity in each book is 20 stamps, there are variations in some books or panes that contain only 18 or 16 stamps. Therefore, the total cost may be different in such

Stamps featuring the imprint “Forever” hold the same worth as First-Class Letter postage. As of 2022, this value is set at $0.60 per stamp. Therefore, an entire book containing 18 stamps would amount to $10.80, whereas a pane containing 16 stamps would cost

More types of stamps

The Post Office issues stamps with various denominations apart from the ones labeled as “Forever”. Therefore, the cost of stamp books may vary as they feature different labels such as “Postcard”, “Additional Ounce”, “Two Ounce”, “Three Ounce”, or “Global”. Each of these stamps holds a unique value and is sold at a distinct retail

Where Can I Purchase A Book Of Stamps?

You have the option to buy a book of stamps from any United States Post Office or through the USPS website. Additionally, there are various other locations where you can find stamps available for purchase. These may include the following:

  1. Costco
  2. Gas Stations
  3. Online Retailers
  4. Wal-Mart
  5. Grocery Stores
  6. Private Mailbox Stores

The Historic Prices For Books Of Stamps

In 2007, the inaugural Forever stamp was released, featuring the iconic Liberty Bell and the eternal word “Forever”. These stamps were conveniently available in both booklets of 20 and 18 stamps, as well as in coil rolls.

The main purpose of introducing these stamps by the Post Office was to ensure consumers that their postage stamp purchases would remain valid despite the annual increase in postage rates. At the time, the First-Class Letter rate stood at $0.41, making a book of 20 stamps worth $8.20.

Before that, the stamps that were sold in books had the First-Class Letter rate printed on them. The selling price of these books varied based on the number of stamps they contained and their specific rate. Typically, the books would include either 10 or 20 stamps each.

To illustrate, a book of 20 stamps in 1981 with a rate of $0.18 per stamp would have only cost $3.60.

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