Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark For Windows 10, 8, 7

Free Screen Recorder Without Watermark For Windows 10, 8, 7

You might have installed and uninstalled a lot of software for screen recording on your laptop and PC, we found a problem with all that software,

You must have seen a watermark in all the software you have downloaded till now and you must have also seen a time limit inside the software.

But today I am going to give you software in which you will not see any watermark and with this software, you can record the screen of your laptop or PC for unlimited time and that too in 4K quality.

This software is free and you can also download it from Google but I am also going to give you its download link by clicking on which you can easily download the software and install it inside your PC or Laptop.

Inside this software, you can also customize the settings as per your requirements. If you want to increase the sound of a PC or laptop or want to work, then you can also change its settings inside and if you want, you can also add your custom watermark. You can also do this, you can also see the support of a webcam inside this software,

Free Screen Recorder Software

With free screen recording software, you can record your PC or laptop screen for unlimited time and you can also record it by connecting a webcam inside your PC.

You can also install the software from their official website which is free, you will not have to pay any money for this.

You can install it inside any laptop or PC and do a capture screen recording. If your PC or laptop supports Windows 7 then you can easily download this software and use it inside your PC.

Even if your PC supports Windows 10, you can easily use this software.

In this software, you are also given the option of editing, in which you can trim and mute your video, apart from this you can also do some customization inside it so that when you record the video, your look will look more professional,

Capture Screen Recorder

You can download capture screen recording software through an online website which is free. In this software, you are given the option of screen recording for unlimited time, along with this you are also given the option of recording without a watermark.

Screen Recorder

If you want to add your custom watermark then you can do that too, it is very easy to do so with this software.

You can also customize your voice inside this software and this software is very light and small in size due to which this software can be easily run inside any window.

How to Download Capture Screen Recorder Software

Let us know step by step how to install capture screen recording software on your PC or laptop.

When you go to the official website of Captcha Screen Recording Software, there you will see an option of window which is the window of your laptop or PC, click on it.

Like I have window 10 on my laptop so I will click on window 10 and a file will start downloading,

After downloading the file, extract it. After extraction click to install it. After some time the software will be installed inside your PC or laptop and that too very easily.

After installing the software, open the software. After opening, first, go to the settings of the software and turn off the watermark button.

As soon as you turn off the watermark button, the photo mark will automatically stop. You can also add your watermark or your logo,

How to Record Screen with Capture Screen Recorder Software

Know how to start screen recording of your laptop or PC

When you install and open the software, you will be given the setting option, click on Settings, there you will also be given some options with the help of which we can customize our screen recording.

Screen Recorder
free screen recorder

Which we will be given colors to indicate the cursor of the laptop, we can also change the color of the cursor by clicking on it.

Along with this, select the full screen of the laptop for screen recording, for sound, go to the club of capture screen recording software and select your sound.

Screen Recorder
free screen recorder 2024

If you are using a mic then click on the mic cable there. If you want to record the sound of the laptop, then click on the sound button of the laptop and save it.

This software is very easy to use, you will learn to use this software very easily,

Free Screen Recording Software for Laptop 2024

By now you might have installed and uninstalled many software inside your PC or laptop because one of the biggest problems that we see in them is that they come with watermarks or they have a time limit but what the software gives you.

In this, you will not see any kind of time limit or watermark. You can easily install this software inside your laptop or PC and run it for free.

Have been using this software for more than 10 months. I use this software daily inside my laptop and I have not seen any problem with this software yet.

The good thing is that due to its small size, this software runs inside every laptop or every PC or every window and you will not have any kind of problem with this software.

Free Screen Recording Window 10

Bye, whoever wants to buy a PC or laptop, you get Windows 10 in it. If you want screen recording software for Windows 10, then you have come to the right website. On this website, I have told you about such a screen capture recorder software. By doing this you can easily record any screen and save it.

You can download the software for Windows 10 by clicking on the link given below or you can also download it from their official website.

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