How To Earn Daily Rs 10000 With Upstox 2023

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Friends, I have told you many ways to earn money online on this blog, If you were looking for one of your Earning Sources in which you start earning money from day one, then today I have come up with a similar way for you

To earn money online, it is very important to have a skill of any kind. If you do not have any Skills, then you have to learn first, then you can earn money online.

But I will tell you a way today, you will not need to invest even one rupee and from there you can earn up to Rs 10000+ daily.

If you are also willing to earn Rs 10000 daily, then you can follow this method we have mentioned and take this journey of your online earning.

How To Earn Daily Rs. 10000

To earn money using this method, you will only need a smartphone. If you do not have a laptop or computer, what method can you use it?

To earn money from mobile, you will find help in this application called Upstox, so this is the first time that this application has come up with such an offer.

Where you will get Rs 1200 Per Refer and in this, you do not have to pay any account opening charge or account maintenance charge.

This time Upstox did just an amazing thing, here you do not need to pay any charge for any of these two things.

For all of you who make videos on YouTube or write articles on blocks, make videos on Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, or other Short Video Platforms, this can be a golden opportunity for those people.

How to make money from Upstox?

Upstox is an application or platform from which you can invest your money in a mutual fund, stock market

So what kind of offer has this application brought in which all of you can earn more than Rs 10000 daily

So as much as you are already using this application, it is a very good thing if you are a new user, then you have to first create an account here and get KYC of your up stock account.

For you will need some of your important documents like your Aadhaar card and Pan card

Shortly after creating an account, you get a login ID and password, after which you have to refer the Upstox application to people on your mobile,

How to refer to the Upstox Application?

This thing is good enough for those who are content creators, people can make money by referring to it very quickly by making contacts

Now you will also have a question in mind that if people are not content creators, how to make money from this, then I have told you further in this article

First of all you have to find a reference link to this application, both in Android and IOS will get you referral links

So for this, you have to go to your profile and after that, you get the option of Refer And Earn, just you have to copy the link given there.

If you make a video on YouTube, you can put a referral link to an application in the description of that YouTube video.

Either there is a blog, or you can put the link in the same article by writing the article

In the same way, if you make a video on Instagram, then in that video you can get the application downloaded from people by telling about this application and you can put that referral link in your Instagram Bio.

Whenever someone downloads this application from your referral link and creates your account, you will get Rs 800 and later when you invest in the stock market or mutual fund through that application then you will get Rs 400 Will get more. So by doing this way you get Rs 800+ Rs 400= Rs 1200, if you have downloaded this application through your referral link, even 5 people in a full day, then you can earn up to Rs 10000 for a very comfortable daily. 

And if you download more than 5 people then more can be earned than this

And those who are not content creators can get people around them to download this application to earn money from it. Use your referral link to get the application downloaded.

Note:- This offer is for a limited time only if you are reading this article of ours after 10 October 2021 and after that, you will use this method then you may not get so much money from Per Refer

How to get the money earned from Upstox?

Now suppose that you have earned Rs 6000+ in 1 day with the help of this application, now it is very important to know how you will transfer it to your bank

When you come to download applications from people using your referral link, if the person who downloaded that application through your link successfully creates an account, KYC gets it.

Then you will get Rs 800 and after that when he invests a stock market or mutual fund for the first time using that application, you will get Rs 400,

In this way, 1200 rupees will have been added to your account, so by doing this you will get information about how many people have downloaded the application from your gender in 1 day, so how many people will download the application from your gender. 

After this, all the money you have earned by the referral link is added to your Upstox account, After that, if you want to transfer that money to your bank, then that facility is also given to you or you can invest them in the stock market or mutual fund using money.

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