Bhuvan Bam wins the new season of Takeshi’s Castle by defeating Jaaved Jaaferi

The popular Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle from the 1980s was well-known for its unusual and difficult puzzles. The program is well-known in India for featuring renowned Hindi pundit Javed Jaffrey. A reimagined Takeshi’s Castle with Bhuvan Bam instead of Javed Jaffrey debuted on Amazon Prime Video in 2023.


The entrance of Bhuvan Bam in Takeshi’s Castle

The most well-known YouTuber, Bhuvan Bam, made his debut as a pundit in the 2023 season of Takeshi’s Castle on Amazon Prime Video. The program is a reimagining of a Japanese game show from the 1980s where participants attempt to finish a variety of difficult challenges.

It was a dream come true for Bhuvan Bam to join Takeshi’s Castle. From his early years, he had been a fan of the show and valued Jaaved Jaaferi’s commentary. He accepted this offer as soon as he heard it.

The commenting style of Bhuvan Bam

The way that Bhuvan Bam comments differs greatly from that of Jaaved Jaaferi. He’s more entertaining and contemporary. He engages with the competitors frequently and offers feedback on their performances.

The audience has been very appreciative of Bhuvan Bam’s comments. For many, he is Jaaved Jaaferi’s heir apparent.

The fixation Bhuvan Bam had on Takeshi’s Castle

Bhuvan Bam has an intense fixation on Takeshi’s Castle. He likes to impart his wealth of knowledge to the contestants, and he has learned a lot about the show.

Takeshi’s Castle, in Bhuvan Bam’s opinion, is a comedy that both challenges and makes viewers laugh. He is determined to make sure the audience knows how much he loves the play.

In summary

For the show, Bhuvan Bam’s admission into Takeshi’s Castle is a significant accomplishment. With his distinct flair and enthusiasm, he has added a fresh perspective to the program. Future developments for Takeshi’s Castle under Bhuvan Bam’s direction should be exciting to see.

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